What We Believe

Mount Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church is a member congregation of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod. We believe that Jesus of Nazareth, the Son of God, was born of the Virgin Mary, lived a perfect life, and died on the Cross for the sins of the whole world. And after three days, this same Jesus rose again from the dead.

We also confess that Holy Scripture proclaims salvation comes to us solely by Jesus’s death and resurrection on the Cross – without any merit, work, or worthiness in us. Jesus’s work – not ours. Freely given, freely received by faith, as a gift. Jesus alone saves – by grace alone, received by faith alone, and all of this comes from Scripture alone. This is the historic Lutheran Faith confessed at Zion.

Because this Good News is central to our Christian faith, Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church is an “evangelical” congregation in the historical sense of the word. This Gospel message is proclaimed in all we believe, teach, and confess. We believe that we can’t come to God on our own – rather, He comes to us in His gifts. He washes away all of our sins in Holy Baptism. He forgives all of our sinful deeds in HIs Word. And in the Holy Supper of our Lord, Jesus gives to us His Body to eat and His Blood to drink for the remission of all our sins.

The basic truths of the Lutheran Faith can be summarized in what is known as the “Solas.”

Sola Scriptura, Scripture Alone: We believe that Scripture is God-breathed (inspired) and inerrant and is the sole source for the Christian Faith and life. Apart from Scripture we would never know God or of His grace in Christ Jesus.

Sola Gratia, Grace Alone: We believe that in salvation we are rescued from God’s wrath by his grace alone (justification). God’s grace in Christ is not merely necessary but is the sole efficient cause of salvation. The grace of God is not a result of any merit to be found in us, but is bestowed upon us in love because of Christ’s righteousness.

Sola Fide, Faith Alone: Our justification through faith alone is the article by which the Church stands or falls. Faith is the sole means by which Christ’s righteousness is received. We affirm that justification is the declaration that results in us being simul iustus et peccator (simultaneously justified and sinner). Because we believe that faith is a gift from God we also deny that salvation is in any sense a human work. Human methods, techniques or strategies cannot accomplish our salvation.

We’re excited that the Lord has brought you to visit with us today. Please let us know how we may serve you. We’d love to have you part of our family.

Worship and the Divine Service

Contrary to what some Christians may think, worship is not something that we do for God, but rather is about what God does for us.  For this reason we use the term “Divine Service”, indicating that in the worship service God is giving us His gifts.  Worship is the time that we receive Christ’s forgiveness through the spoken Word and sacraments.  For this reason worship is viewed reverentially, prayerfully, and joyfully.  The order of service (Liturgy) follows the same format that Christians have used throughout their history.  In this way we are connected to the church throughout the ages.

Concerning Holy Communion

To our guests: If you are not in communion fellowship with the congregations of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod, we still invite you to come forward to receive the Lord’s blessing. Please join us at the table, and we will work with you towards the day when we all will commune together as one. Nevertheless, unity of doctrine must come first. At the table simply cross your hands over your heart. When the pastor comes by, he will give you a blessing.

We at Mt. Zion celebrate and confess with glad confidence that we receive with our mouths not only bread and wine, but the very body and blood of Jesus.  We eat and drink at His table for the forgiveness of sins and to strengthen our union with Him and with one another.  Our Lord invites to His table all those who trust His words and repent of their sins. Having received forgiveness, they also forgive others.  He also tells us that those who eat and drink His body and blood without understanding (or while believing something different from what He says), do so to their great harm. We are therefore compelled by Christian love to ask visitors who desire to receive the many benefits of the Supper, yet who hold to a different confession from that of the Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod, to refrain from Holy Communion until they can receive instruction from the pastor. We ask you to please honor our doctrine and practice at Mount Zion during the Divine Service.